Ballet combines grace, line, and beauty to provide the technical foundation for all dance forms. This classical dance form uses grace, strength and balance to create flowing movement. The technique a dancer learns from ballet carries over to all other styles of dance.


This often up beat dance style has evolved using elements of ballet and modern influenced by rhythms & techniques of jazz music. Many styles of this dance form exist, i.e. Lyrical, Jazz, and Contemporary Jazz.


A street dance class mixing funk and Hip Hop with video dance styles, Hip Hop has become part of American culture. From pop and lock to break dancing, Hip Hop is a true modern American dance style.


Tap is a once a week class which develops rhythm and coordination, Shoes with metal “taps” are worn to create sounds of rhythm. “Theatrical or “Broadway” Tap is the style of tap performed in musicals like “42nd Street”. “Rhythmic” Tap is a street style that is less flashy and uses more intricate rhythms.


Lyrical is a form of Jazz that uses fluid movement to express emotion, Using slower tempo songs, this style of dance is a cross between Ballet and Jazz that expresses the lyrics and stories portrayed in music.


Begin to develop motor skills, social skills and the most important provide a fun bonding exercise with mom and child (ages 18 months to 3 years).


For children ages 2-5, this class introduces them to basic dance steps and starts the foundation for later learning, Dancers will learn Ballet, Jazz, Tap and tumbling in this class.


For children ages 5-6, this class is designed for those morning half day kindergarten dancers.  This class will introduce them to basic dance steps ad starts the foundation for later learning.  Dancers will learn Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and tumbling in this class.


Our tumbling classes focus on the basic skills of balance, strength and stretch. Acrobatic skills are taught and learned on mats, no apparatus is used.



Usually dancers will start with a recreational class.  We offer recreational classes starting at age 18months.  At 18 months a little dancer can participate in a mommy and me class.  At age two the little dancer can move to a combo class.  In combo classes the dancer is taught a ballet, jazz, tap and some tumbling.  This is the best way we feel for your young dancer to be exposed to many different styles of dance. Combo classes are offered from ages 2-4.  We also offer recreational classes in all areas for dancers from 5 years to 18years.  We offer many different classes and also different levels of classes.


Does your dancer want to become a part of our DancXplosion performing team or our DX Max competition group?  This program is for beginning and intermediate dancers!  Dancers depending on age, dance from 3-4 hours minimum per week. They learn a two routines and have a lot of fun becoming a team and performing together thorugh out the year. Everyone is invited to try out for our new season.  Our dancers have won in multiple parades and also have performed at Phoenix Suns, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Disneyland!  See the front desk for more information on DancXplosion!


DX Max competition group is part of our DancXplosion performing team.  They take a minimum of 5 hours per week.  They have one choreography class to learn a dance for competitions.  They will compete that dance 3-4 times per year.  They will also have the opportunity to perform their competition routine during DancXplosion showcases through out the year.


Does your dancer want to be a part of our amazing new boys crew?  Our Drones have had a great first season!  Drones have competed in a few competitions, they performed in parades, and have danced at Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios!!  We are looking forward to another amazing year for our Boys Crew DR DRONES!!  DR DRONES will perform and compete through out the year at various locations.  For more information please see front desk.


We are looking for our young dancers that are interested in joining Dance Republic’s Competition team!  This past year we started our first ever Micro Prep Company, which is a bridge program to introduce combo aged kids to the world of performing and competition!  These Micro Prep dancers dance 2-3 hours per week and compete locally 2-3 times per year. In the upcoming year they will also have the chance to perform at a few local events.

The youngest level of our competition company is the Micro Company who dance 5 ½ hours per week. Micro dancers compete 5 times per year locally and attend our national event over the summer. If your dancer is between the ages of 4 and 6 years and you are interested in them joining our competition team we would invite you to come to our Micro Prep Camp in June 2014.


Our competition dancers dance between 12-20 hours per week.  These dancers range in age from 6- 19 years old.  They take classes in a variety of areas.  These dancers compete in 5-6 regional competitions 2 -3 of which are conventions.  They also participate in a national competition somewhere in the United States.  Our award winning competition dancers have won many prestigious awards including national championship awards.  They are able to take classes from professional master teachers as well as our own amazing professional instructors.  Dancers must tryout of Dance Republic Company.  If your dancer has had competition experience and would like to tryout for our DR company for this year or next, please see front desk.

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