When can I enroll my dancer?

You can enroll your dancers at any time. If you would like your dancer to participate in our Christmas recital registration is needed by 9/30. If you would like your dancer to dancer to participate in our Spring/Summer recital registration is needed by 3/31. Our dance year runs from July- June each year. Enrollment is accepted at any time for our recreational or technique classes. Performing teams, competition crew, & co teams are a year long commitment which start beginning of July and runs through June. If you are interested in any of these programs please see the front desk.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes there is a $30 per dancer registration fee. Registrations fees are for each season. Seasons run from July to the following June.

How old does my dancer need to be to start classes?

Dancers need to be 2 years of age.

Does my dancer need to be potty trained?

If a dancer is still in a diaper in combo class or in potty training stages we ask that parents stay to help dancer with potty training needs.

Do I need to stay during my dancer's class?

Please feel free to leave during dancers classes.  Take a break use time to go grocery shopping.  Dance Republic staff is happy to keep your dancer safe while you are away. We have your number and will call you if we need you to come back before class is over.  If your dancer is not potty trained or going through potty training please refer to the previous question.

Are parents allowed in class?

We do have viewing windows for parents to watch through.  We ask that parents do not enter class room.  We will throughout the year offer a viewing day that parents can come in and watch their dancers progress inside classroom.

What should my dancer wear to class?

For first class please make sure that dancer wears something comfortable that they can move in.  Jeans or jean shorts are not permitted for dance classes.

Once enrolled in classes dancers will need to wear the following:

Ballet: Black Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Hip Hop:  Loose fitted shorts or pants, leggings, and loose fitted tank or shirt.

Jazz/technique/lyrical:  Form fitted dance wear, or leotard

Tumbling: Form fitted dance wear.

Combo Classes:  Leotard, dance wear, tutus are all acceptable for combo classes.

How do I find the correct class for my dancer?

Dance Republic offers a free trial week. You are welcome to have your dancer try as many classes as possible to ensure dancer is in correct class.  

What if my dancers decided they don’t like their class anymore?

We suggest a few things:  First would suggest a dancer tries the class for a few weeks before makes final decision if class is correct or not.  Secondly if dancer still feels would like to try something else please see front desk.  Front desk staff will be more that happy to help you find another class to try.  We always offer free trial classes.

When are Dance Republic’s Recitals?

Dance Republic has two recitals during the year.  One in December and one in June. Our June 2017 recital is June 2nd – 3rd and Dress Rehearsals are May 31st – June 1st.  Dance Republic’s recital is at Queen Creek Performing Arts.

Is there a recital fee?

Yes there is a recital fee. December recital fee is $20 per dancer due at end of September. Spring/Summer recital is $25 per dancer due at beginning of March.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes we offer a 10% discount for each additional sibling dancer.  Please see front desk for more information on sibling discounts.

How do I get started?

We offer a free trial week.  So if you’re ready to get started fill out a trial form and let’s get your dancer in class!