Our Crew Performing Team is a handpicked group of talented dancers ages 5-18 chosen through audition to represent Dance Republic at competitions, conventions, and community performances. This group of dancers impresses audiences across the valley with their talent, high energy, and love for dance. Our Crew Performing Team will have NO required Sunday commitments and all costuming will be age appropriate and family friendly.

Each dancer is selected for their technique, performance quality, and commitment to excellence. We love to see the growth across dance seasons of our Crew dancers and require a high level of commitment from the dancers and their families. We feel that the positive impact that a serious dance education has on the life of a dancer is unmatched by other sports or disciplines.  We hope to foster a sense of family among the dancers and help them build life long friendships.

What does being a Crew dancer involve?

  • You must choose dance as a priority over all other extracurricular activities.
  • Dancers are required to be at the studio 2-3 days a week for classes in Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary. Crew dancers age 5-7 will take 4.75 hours per week and crew dancers age 7-18 will be required to take a minimum of 6 hours per week.
  • Classes in Tap, Hip Hop, and Acro are offered and strongly recommended.
  • Attend 1 Convention/Competition and 2-3 Competitions locally. Crew will attend nationals (out of state) every other year.
  • Limited Friday and Saturday rehearsals. No Sunday rehearsals will ever be required for Crew.
  • Dancers will only compete on Friday or Saturday. We will work with competitions to ensure no Sundays are required.
  • Availability to attend master classes offered at Dance Republic.
  • You must participate in summer classes and/or intensives.

How does Dance Republic choose their Crew dancers?

  • All dancers will be chosen through class observation and the audition process. Dancers will be observed and chosen based off of flexibility, technique, style, and performance.
  • It is strongly recommended that crew dancers have 2 out of 3 splits flat. If they do not, we would encourage them to work at home to get them as quickly as possible.
  • Crew dancers must exhibit the ability to focus in class, be quiet and respectful to their teachers, and follow directions.

Dance Republic Crew Cost Info

Cost –

  • Tuition $190-$250 monthly
  • Christmas Recital Costume $75-$85
  • June Recital Costume $75- $85
  • Shoes $25-50 (will need to get shoes for Christmas, June & performances) sometimes same shoe sometimes not. Plan on two pairs of shoes.
  • Make Up: We do require certain colors each year.  We use Mac cosmetics and LipSense Lip products.  We do allow all preps to purchase less expensive make up as long as colors are approved by Dance Republic. (Please see the make-up paragraph for more info on make-up)
  • Any cost for performance venue. (Ex: cost to get into AZ state fair- you would have to pay)

Crew Items

  • All items are either custom decorated or custom made.
  • Products will be ordered once all payment plans are complete (middle of September).
  • These products usually take about 8 weeks to get to us.
  • Once we have products an email will come out to let you know they are in.
    • Cost – broken up into payments
      • Costumes are approximately $175
      • Warm up is $125 (jacket mandatory whole warm up optional)
      • Back pack is $35 (optional)
      • Earrings are $20 (Clip on is available)


  • Recital costumes are purchased from a major costume company. All recital costumes are modest and age appropriate.
  • Competition costumes are custom made. They will include rhinestones on them.  All performance costumes are modest and age appropriate.


  • Crew dancers will be involved in our amazing Christmas Recital. They will be in one of our holiday productions along with other performance teams.  They will also have the opportunity to be in our performance/competition showcase the same day.
  • Crew dancers will be involved in our amazing end of year production as well. They will be in one June Recital.

Hair & Make Up

  • Hair: We will set up a meeting during the fall to go over the required hairstyle.  This helps the dancers look more uniform on the stage.
  • Make up: Yes, we do require make up to be worn when our dancers perform.  As with hair, we will have a meeting to go over colors and application of make-up.  This make-up is to enhance our  dancers facial expressions on stage so they do not look washed out.  The make-up will consist of a blush, an eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick.  Dance Republic will select the same colors as our DancXplosion team, and Company are wearing that year.  This way if any of our crew dancers have siblings, their make up will all be the same.The goal with make up is to enhance our Prep Crew’s faces on stage!


Crew dancers should have the following shoes:

  • For classes: Pink Ballet Shoes

What to expect from competitions:

  • They cost about $55 each dance. We will send out emails for reminders on when competition fees are due.
  • In the packet you receive at parent meeting, you will have the exact dates of the competitions. Please know that we will not have a schedule of an exact time for their competition until about one week before the competition. Until we send out exact time schedule, you will need to keep the entire Friday and Saturday available.  Once we have the schedule we will email out the details on when and where you need to arrive.
  • Crew will need to arrive at competition 2 hours before they are scheduled to dance. Most competitions run an hour ahead of time so this guarantees you will not miss your child’s competition time. They will need to arrive with full hair and make-up done and they will need to wear a cover up over their costume.  We like to have dancers keep cover up on before they compete to keep their body warm.
  • Parents it is totally different then recital! You will find the dressing room that Dance Republic is in and you will stay with your dancer until right before it is time to go on stage. Our staff will let you know when you can go.  You may then go to auditorium to watch and cheer them on.  Our staff will put them on stage and after they are done dancing they will take them back to the dressing room. When your dancer is done, you will need to come to the dressing room to pick them up right away.
  • The last thing that your dancer needs to attend at competition is the awards ceremony. Sometimes it is right away and sometimes it in a few hours. You can decide to stay and watch or to come back before awards.  Your dancer needs to wear either their warm up or Dance Republic gear on stage at awards.


  • If you are new to Dance Republic or new to Crew please attend our DancXplosion camp. We will be evaluating all dancers in this camp for our Crew Tryouts.
  • If you are already a member of one of our crews, make sure to attend our annual auditions. June 16th.

Ready to start dancing?

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