DRONES is our boys hip hop crew. Drones groups are broken up by age and ability. These boys take 2-3 hip hop classes per week. Drones have opportunity to perform at high schools, school carnivals, Chandler Lights Parade, Phoenix Suns, and local dance competitions. They are directed by Ben Barnett. Benjamin Barnett was born and raised in Arizona. He started dancing when he was three years old and took all forms of dance from ballet to tumbling. His love for dance really took off when he was 13 and took his first hip-hop class. Two years later, he began his teaching career as a hip-hop teacher while continuing to sharpen his own skills as a student. Ben is currently in a Hip Hop crew called “Elektrolytes” who have appeared on Americas Got Talent (season 7). And in 2012, the Elektrolytes won MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7. The Elektrolytes have traveled to showcase their talent around the world in places like Africa, Switzerland, England,and many more. They have also made appearances on TV shows like Shake It Up! and Blue Pajamas(a popular London TV show). Ben expanded his career to live shows back in 2011, performing in some of Chris Thomas’s shows such as Shout! and Ever After. Is your dancer interested in becoming part of our Drones Team? Check out our Drones camp information.


  • Drones consists of two groups. These groups are determined by age and ability.
  • Drones silver are required to take 2 classes. One drones hip hop class and one other hip hop class.
  • Drones black are required to take 3 classes. One drones hip hop class and two other hip hop classes.
  • Drones are required to attend all events drones performs at. They are also required to attend any extra rehearsals called for drones. This is minimal possibly 3-4 per year.
  • Drones are required to attend an annual event located in California every March.

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