RMC (Respect My Conglmorate) is Dance Republic’s Nationally award winning Hip Hop Company. RMC consists of 4 hip hop groups. Million Heirs, Ruckus House Regime, Dynasty Squad, and The Alliegience . These dancers perform and compete locally and nationally throughout the year. These dancers Take classes 2-3 hours of hip hop. They study 2 hours minimum of other dance styles as well. Is your dancer interested in becoming part of our hip hop company see front desk for RMC tryout information.


  • RMC members are required to take 2-3 hours of hip hop per week.
  • They are also required to take a minimum of 2 other classes per week in various styles.
  • They are required to attend all hip hop company rehearsals and attend all events Hip hop Company attends.
  • They are required to attend all conventions and competitions locally and nationally.
  • RMC members will have outside of class rehearsals through out the season.

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